The freedom to work from anywhere

An employee story by Karim Khatib

Airbnb’s recent announcement about allowing their employees flexibility to work from different locations has boosted the discussion surrounding the topic. However, it is certainly not the first company to do so, and I hope it won’t be the last.

Working anywhere

When reading the news, I couldn’t help but think, while some may regard this as revolutionary, I call it my every day. At EyeOn, I have enjoyed the benefits of flexible working hours and locations right from the start. Need to work at home? No problem! Want to travel to visit family? Just go and work from there! Need an office area in any city when on the move? Just use our IWG plc membership to access any of their offices around the world. When people trust each other in a team you won’t need to worry about their performance, just measure it in terms of achievements and projects progress.

Staying connected with colleagues

employee advocacy Karim, live events, meeting colleaguesOf course, it’s still nice to see the people we’re working with, and simple measures ensure we do. Always have your camera on when having calls with colleagues and clients, seeing faces helps bridge the distance gap. Organize events for everyone to meet from time to time. Thanks to such events, I get to see my colleagues in the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, and Belgium every 2-3 months on average.
Here is a picture of all of us at one of last year’s great company gatherings, and another from my Swiss team working in our Geneva office today.

Employee well-being has always been important and the road is still long before it becomes a priority in all companies. I’m happy to be working in an environment that promotes it and hope to soon hear many more of my friends telling me how great their workplace is becoming.

Learn more about employee well-being at EyeOn!

Karim Khatib, consultant at EyeOn Switzerland


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