Unlocking the Power of Recurring Supply Chain Network Design

supply chain network designAmidst the fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, remaining competitive is challenging for organizations. Uncertainties on global and and regional scales, ranging from economic fluctuations and political instability to supply chain disruptions and technological advancements, further compound the complexity of remaining competitive.

These factors, coupled with evolving customer expectations, climate change, and the need for sustainability initiatives, require decisions to be constantly revisited and create many scenarios that need thorough analysis. To navigate this landscape, regularly assessing and revising your supply chain network design (SCNWD) is key to remaining competitive and agile.

Companies that frequently evaluate and optimize their supply chain networks remain fit for purpose under changing market conditions. The endeavor of generating continuous and timely insights relies upon the availability of key elements: comprehensive and accurate data, skilled data scientists with business understanding, and advanced analytical tools.

The War for Supply Chain Talent

Data lies at the heart of effective supply chain network design. A vast amount of data, spread across many supply chain processes, including procurement, manufacturing, transportation, inventory, and customer demand, holds valuable insights into the existing supply chain network’s performance and highlights improvement opportunities.

To harness the valuable insights within this data and drive informed decisions, skilled data scientists with SCNWD expertise are essential. These professionals possess the knowledge and skills to extract meaningful information by collecting and analyzing the data and interpreting the results. Their expertise in data analysis, statistical modeling, simulation techniques, and optimization algorithms allows them to examine various scenarios and pinpoint the optimal network design by leveraging advanced tools and technologies.

However, the ongoing war for talent, further intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving perspectives of millennials and Gen Z on work and career, has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to access skilled data scientists with SCNWD expertise. Establishing an in-house capability in this field requires specific resources, such as hiring and training data scientists, investing in advanced technology and infrastructure, and ensuring ongoing maintenance and software updates. Additionally, it poses challenges, including the need to stay current with evolving industry trends, competing for talent in a highly competitive market, and managing the complexities of data analytics and modeling.

Trying to address these challenges raises the question: Should companies invest in developing an in-house capability or outsource the SCNWD process to specialized experts? While many companies opt for one of the extremes, EyeOn has developed a hybrid solution: SCNWD as-a-service, which empowers organizations to access expertise on demand while building in-house competence at their own pace using the Build–Operate–Transfer methodology.

build operate transfer supply chain network design

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What is Supply Chain Network Design As-a-Service?

SCNWD as-a-service provides periodical analyses, performed as a follow-up to turn-key projects and conducted by experts combining business know-how with advanced data science capabilities. This service assists companies in maintaining their networks fit-for-purpose, timely responding to changes, and connecting their defined strategy with Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Organizations that opt for this service benefit from streamlined data collection, scenario analysis, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall quality of supply chain operations.


Supply chain network design as a service


Accessing Proven Expertise

Outsourcing SCNWD is a viable solution that alleviates the burden on companies and frees up internal talent for other crucial tasks. By opting for SCNWD as-a-service, organizations can overcome talent shortages, eliminating the need for resource allocation, competency training, and expensive software licenses. This approach offers worry-free access to specialized expertise, cutting-edge technology, and proven insights.


Building Future Supply Chain Network Design Capabilities

SCNWDWhile harnessing the immediate benefits of outsourcing SCNWD as-a-service, it is important for businesses also to keep an eye on their long-term vision. Organizations can gradually develop in-house SCNWD capabilities by leveraging insights and expertise from the service provider. This strategic approach enables a smooth transition with continuous support during the process. By combining the knowledge acquired from outsourcing with the gradual development of in-house expertise, companies can achieve a powerful hybrid solution that regularly optimizes their supply chain network design.

In summary, in the ever-evolving landscape of supply chain management, embracing SCNWD as-a-service enables businesses to adapt, thrive and navigate the challenges they face. By strategically leveraging external expertise, organizations can dramatically enhance their ability to optimize their supply chain networks, streamline operations, and overcome talent shortages. With a hybrid approach that combines outsourcing and capability building, businesses can unlock the full potential of SCNWD and achieve sustainable growth in the face of uncertainty. Take advantage of SCNWD as-a-service and position your business for success in the dynamic world of supply chain management.

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