Optimizing your supply chain – The power of network design

Ever-increasing customer expectations, climate change, disruptive technologies, frequent disruptions: the world is changing. And supply chains should evolve accordingly to keep performing. But do you know where and when it should change?

The need for supply chain network design and optimization has never been more critical. Today’s supply chains are vastly complex networks operating globally, depending on thousands of suppliers and demanding customers. They operate in a highly dynamic environment, yet key decisions are often only revised every few years, if at all. With increasing network complexity and conflicting trade-offs, network design plays an increasingly important role. With a fit-for-purpose network, businesses can reduce not only overall costs but also improve service levels, reduce GHG emissions, and decrease risk exposure.

Beyond cost-benefits: sustainability and resilience

While cost savings and efficiency gains have traditionally been the primary focus of supply chain network design, recent years have witnessed the emergence of sustainability and resilience as equally important considerations. Organizations now recognize that sustainable practices can help reduce their environmental impact, enhance social responsibility, and boost their reputation among stakeholders.

elements of supply chain network design and optimization

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent disruptions have underscored the significance of resilience in supply chain strategies. Integrating sustainability and resilience into network design allows companies to optimize their supply chains while building robust and sustainable systems capable of weathering disruptions and contributing to long-term success.

Supply chain network design and optimization: striking the right balance

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Unfortunately, different considerations may not always align harmoniously. To navigate conflicting objectives such as cost, service, sustainability, and resilience, decision-makers must make trade-offs. Achieving the desired balance requires a comprehensive understanding of these trade-offs. To make the best decisions, in-depth insights should be obtained by evaluating different what-if scenarios against various of objectives. Through scenario analysis, companies can identify their optimized network design that strikes a balance across all trade-offs and aligns with their strategic goals. Moreover, this analysis helps evaluate the impact of external factors and uncertainties, enabling proactive planning for robustness and resilience.

Benefitting from years of experience

Executing a supply chain network design study can be quite a daunting task. Let us help you in getting started. Our team of experienced consultants assists companies in identifying areas within their supply chain network that require optimization and developing strategies aligned with their business goals. Using a data-driven approach, we analyze the existing network design and flows, identifying areas for improvement across sustainability, resilience, cost reduction, and operational efficiency. We work closely with our clients to implement the necessary changes, providing ongoing support to ensure project success. Our emphasis on practical and tailored solutions guarantees that your supply chain is optimized for success, enabling you to achieve your business objectives and maintain a competitive edge.


supply chain network design and optimization process

Tailored approaches matching your needs

Our portfolio of services is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We offer turn-key projects that provide end-to-end network design and optimization insights, helping clients achieve their desired outcomes efficiently and effectively. Our as-a-service offering provides a continuous service model for ongoing support to our clients, enabling them to benefit from continuous network optimization and design improvements. We also provide capability-building services that equip our clients with the skills and knowledge to independently undertake network design and optimization projects. With this wide range of services, we can deliver customized solutions that will enhance the performance and resilience of our client’s supply chains.

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