The supply chain game is on!

The supply chain game is becoming a popular mean to accelerate learning of demand and supply planners in a hands-on way.

Early 2023 an EyeOn benchmark survey showed large companies want to prioritize capability development of their planner community to better deal with continuous business dynamics and be prepared for digital transformation. Their practical challenge however is to free up sufficient quality time of these highly occupied resources to participate in training programs. Gamified learning has proven to be a time-effective way to boost knowledge and skills, simulating recognizable day-to-day forecasting & supply chain planning challenges.


What do supply chain professionals expect of supply chain games?

In a recent poll we asked a large group of global supply chain practitioners what they consider to be the main objective of these serious supply chain games. 48% indicate that ‘growing team knowledge & skills’ is most important. The ability to simulate day-to-day challenges and learn in a fun way are rated second and third.

supply chain game objectives

We also asked the group for which type of planning they would like to apply these games. A vast majority indicated mid-term planning processes (like demand planning, supply planning, S&OP) as main application area.

supply chain game statistics

Effectiveness & best-practices of a supply chain game

To what extend do supply chain games meet the expectations of the planning community? In coming weeks EyeOn will start a survey to find out. We will build a balanced view on current application, effectiveness and best-practices of gamified learning. Interested to join and receive the full survey results? Contact Joost Rongen to confirm your participation.

EyeOn offers multiple serious business games to facilitate interaction, communication and effective learning. Check our website to learn more about our forecast game, supply chain game, ocean race and sustainable value chain game.


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