Accelerate the digitalization of your supply chain

Digitalization of your supply chainComplex market conditions are accelerating the need for supply chain transformation and digitalization and for companies to build digital planning capabilities for the future. Companies are rethinking their supply chain control model and developing a digital transformation roadmap to enable advanced, data-driven planning.

Turn your challenge into an opportunity for future success. Our experts recommend the following steps to accelerate supply chain digitalization and end-to-end transformation of your supply chain:


Start supply chain digitalization from a solid planning foundation

build a foundation for supply chain digitalizationTo realize robust end-to-end transformations it is key to start from a solid supply chain foundation. Start by developing an optimal planning model that translates strategy into operational planning principles. Understand the value drivers in your supply chain and define well connected planning processes and a matching organizational setup to facilitate high value planning decisions. Your process re-design needs to be focused on E2E connections, linking the different layers of planning and control of your supply chain through smart alerts.


Focus on high-quality data and planning parameter automation

A holistic planning model and integrated planning process require robust and well-integrated data structures to drive execution. A well-defined data model and supportive governance processes across your IT landscape are vital to secure setup, maintenance, and right-sizing of your planning parameters. It all starts with having a complete, accurate, and well-aligned master data fundament. Building on this solid baseline you can have the data work for you to build a process for smart-touch automation of your critical planning parameters. As your supply chain develops you can real time update your vital parameters to improve overall planning accuracy.


The full value of advanced planning solutions

advanced planning solutions that help you in your supply chain digitalization journeyA new generation of planning systems promise embedded cognitive automation to make real-time recommendations, predict outcomes, and take timely supply chain decisions. It is crucial that your functional design supports the E2E planning process, connects well to your enterprise-wide data model and allows progressive digital innovations (such as AI and advanced analytics). To realize the full value of your APS (advanced planning and scheduling) system you need to build the right in-house capabilities. Your planners require the right data processing, analytical, and data science skills to operationalize and embed digitalization into the day-to-day planning routine.


Building a digital ecosystem

supply chain digitalization: how to build a digital ecosystem If you are ready for the next step, look beyond traditional planning systems and investigate how systems of innovation can help to boost planning capabilities in a digital ecosystem. Data science platforms like Dataiku can bring advanced analytics capabilities in-house quickly and can be plugged into the systems that are already in place, like ERPs (enterprise resource planning), APSs, or data lakes. These systems of innovation allow data scientists to make the most out of their expertise, allow for easy collaboration between them and the business, and enable you to go from prototype to production quickly but robustly. Building an ecosystem of digital capabilities will help your organization to accelerate the digital transformation through the implementation of focused innovations.


We are here to support you in your supply chain digitalization journey!

Are you looking for ways to accelerate the digitalization of your E2E supply chain planning process and are you in need of the right expertise and hands-on support to make it happen? We are here to help you in this journey. Together we transform, automate, and optimize. Learn more about E2E transformations or contact us now!

This is the time to build resilient, agile, and sustainable supply chains, maximizing the benefits of digitalization and advanced analytics.


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