Improving supply chain decision-making: how to make better decisions, easier and faster

The domino effect of data latency in supply chain decision-making

Data latency is one of the biggest issues in supply chain decision-making. Too much time is lost from the moment an event happens until data becomes available (capture latency), until it has been analyzed (analysis latency), or until a decision has finally been taken (decision latency). Due to this loss of time from the occurrence of the event to acting on it, the value and impact of that decision have dramatically decreased.

We don’t just need to make the right decision, we need to make that decision really quickly. For this purpose EyeOn is developing smart-touch planning: with better technology we enable you to make faster decisions, thereby increasing the impact.


How smart-touch planning enables fast and informed decision-making in supply chain

We help you reach maximum quality data with minimum effort, provide a user-friendly ecosystem integrated with your own infrastructure, and enable your planners with best practices and AI insights for fast, informed supply chain decision-making. Smart-touch planning automates obvious decisions, makes recommendations where additional information is available, and flags special cases where human intervention is necessary.

Smart-touch planning is adapted to your company. It means making planning as simple as possible; adding complexity where needed to ensure the best possible forecast for your company and industry. Explainability is everything, to make sure that you get the most out of it. We focus on user-centricity and integrate smart-touch planning into your existing workflow.

This is what Smart-touch planning could look like:

How AI can help you optimize supply chain decision-making

An AI gives hints to users, enabling planners to make high-quality decisions.


Data engineering – the basis of future data analysis

We bring together data from all sources and connect it so that it forms the basis of future data analysis. We offer training to help you in collecting and connecting high-quality data and we provide standard templates to ease collecting the right data. Our Honeycomb software organizes data and provides insights & dashboards on data quality.


Better forecasting through feature engineering 

We take raw data and turn it into features that can be used for better supply chain decision-making. We combine data science techniques and existing libraries for feature generation with specific industry and customer knowledge to extract the most information. More useful features will give a better, more explainable, higher accuracy, and lower bias forecast. Using standard analyses and dashboards we identify which factors impact your business, giving you an even better understanding of your business dynamics and e.g. promotion effects.


Model ecosystem for effortless use

We are building a model ecosystem that provides a scalable infrastructure and set of best-of-breed models to predict, optimize, and explain. Both classic models (e.g. Holt-Winters) and more advanced models (Prophet, Catboost, ..) are available. Automated pre-configuration is included: the need to tune models is minimized – the aim is to enable everyone to use all models, effortlessly. This gets us great results quickly and gives the data scientists more time for in-depth analysis of individual cases. 


Enable your planners to be more effective

We have experience and unique technologies to give planner behavior feedback that enables you to increase the value provided by the planners. The goal is for planners and your company to benefit maximally from our smart-touch planning approach. We share best practices and standard insights to enhance planner behavior and decisions through training and technology.
We are currently productizing these insights, transforming dashboards and insights from our consultants to automated AI-based feedback.

Let’s discuss how smart-touch planning can improve supply chain decision-making, and make it easier and faster: Contact one of our experts! 

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