Social responsibility at EyeOn

Sustainable development expands much further than environmental impact. We assume our social responsibility by making positive progress in the areas of fund-raising actions for charities, supporting NGOs and engaging in sustainable networks. The participation in these networks is our contribution towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

SDG 17: partnerships for the goals

Stimulating and supporting fund-raising actions and events for charities

In 2021, we established the EyeOn foundation. It aims to facilitate EyeOn’ers to engage in activities that serve a social purpose. Our employees are encouraged to suggest initiatives that they care for. Representatives from the different EyeOn teams and countries form the advisory board. The resources of the EyeOn foundation come from the value created by EyeOn. 100% of this money goes to the social objectives of the EyeOn foundation.

We support projects that lead to demonstrable social improvements, for example in the field of waste reduction, aid to charitable organisations, sustainability, etc. This can be done by donating money and/or using our knowledge, skills and tools in the field of forecasting & planning for projects of non-profit organizations with a social purpose.

Alongside the EyeOn foundation, we also provide opportunities for our employees to participate in community projects. These initiatives improve the quality and diversity of their work-life while also allowing them to be more flexible in their career choices. We want our employees to be inspired to make a commitment, take on additional responsibilities, and give their all.

Supporting NGOs

We support NGOs and other organisations where we feel that our knowledge and expertise is needed. Contributing our knowledge and expertise to NGOs that need it most is rewarding for both our employees and the NGOs themselves. This is in line with our aim of giving back to society.

Engaging in sustainable networks

EyeOn works with some very large companies and industry leaders. We aim to leverage this network to maximize the potential for positive impact, in collaboration with our partners and clients.

Alongside our customer projects, we participate in industry networks that eliminate waste in the value chain. We participate in these networks to share our own knowledge and experience of how working towards the UN SDGs results in a high-performing and successful business.

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