Predicting an uncertain future

Karin Pielage, consultant at EyeOn Planning Services explains how she helps our customers predict the future.

Karin Pielage“What do you do for a living?” is a question I am regularly asked. A quick answer is that I work for EyeOn, a consultancy company in planning and forecasting. A more detailed way to put it is that I am responsible for generating a new demand plan for the customer based on their latest data. When people still look confused, I add “I try to predict the future”.

However, that still doesn’t really do justice to my day-to-day job and all the aspects that are involved. For example, the summer holiday season is a relatively predictable variation in demand patterns, but what about moving holidays like Easter and Chinese New Year? Or even Covid-19? Suddenly, it is not that obvious to use historical data – that is so heavily impacted – to predict the future.

An important aspect in my daily work is to try and detect such trends in the market and implement new techniques to cope with these uncertainties to help our customers. Also, building visualizations to show focus areas in an understandable way is an eye-opener for most of them, and it really supports their decision making process. It’s really cool to see that our hard work pays off.

But it doesn’t stop there! Want to know more about my job? Feel free to contact me.

Karin Pielage, consultant Planning Services

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