Orchestrating demand with big data

What are key points to start gaining value from data in your supply chain? What can you do to jump start this? All these topics and more were discussed during this month’s ‘Round table orchestrating demand with big data’.

EyeOn managing partner André Vriens kicked off the day with a presentation on the latest trends and shifts in supply chain thinking and demonstrated hands-on examples of how data can be used. In preparation of this meeting all present had participated in the EyeOn benchmark on ‘Data driven demand management’, of which Emile van Geel presented the most noticeable results. More content followed by the inspiring stories of how to manage people in a data driven environment by Logitech, presented by Roeland van den Berg, and Heinekens journey in using data for supplier collaboration, presented by Kalle Rasmussens.

Key takeaways are ‘start fast, fail fast’. Instead of waiting for the conditions to be perfect, just make some time available to get started with a small team, a small scope and a small objective. This ensures quick actions and keeps motivations high to make another step.

Given the complex tasks in a data driven supply chain there is no such thing as a polymath or ’renaissance man’; no single person embodying a business analyst, supply chain expert, strategic thinker, networking guru and data engineer. Many of the network members are considering splitting these functions to obtain the right level of specialism.

The productive discussions throughout the day led to new insights and it was interesting to see all participants open to share their experiences using big data in their planning processes.

We thank all network members for their contributions to a successful and inspirational network meeting and are looking forward to seeing you on one of our upcoming events.

You can find the slides of the EyeOn presentation here. For more information about the event, or to get in contact with one of the (external) speakers, please contact Emile van Geel or André Vriens.

Please note it is still possible to participate in the benchmark ‘data driven demand management’ by filling the questionnaire here.


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