Onboarding during Covid-19

Anne de Vries, Planning Services consultant, talks about her “virtual” start at EyeOn and the projects she has been working on so far.

Anne de VriesOnboarding in Covid-19 times: that was my challenge when I started as a consultant in the Planning Services team of EyeOn. A big part of my introduction happened online. Thanks to many digital coffees with colleagues, lots of social events, as well as having almost daily catch-ups with my buddy Rijk van der Meulen, I immediately felt part of the EyeOn family.

Currently I am running a monthly service for AkzoNobel (Decorative Paints) with Maarten van Liempd. We work together with their team to generate a future demand forecast. This month, we have been busy with implementing a machine learning technique to better predict demand in the months around Chinese New Year.

At EyeOn we also develop and maintain our own data science plugins. During my first months I contributed to improving our release process by establishing a robust testing procedure. The release process describes how we can move from development to production in a controlled manner.

Next to all this technical work, I have been conducting some marketing activities as well. Together with Eva Ruitenbeek, I created an infographic that shows some impressive facts about Planning Services:


Facing supply chain planning challenges?Lighten your load with advanced analytics as-a-service

All in all, it has been a flying start for me at EyeOn. I am very excited about the time to come!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want to know more about my experiences during my first months, or the projects I’m working on.

Anne de Vries, consultant Planning Services consultant

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