Next level inventory planning and EyeOn’s quick inventory scan

This week, 22 delegates of 13 different companies brought in expert speakers to address the challenges regarding inventory optimization and provided insights on inventory best practices during our Belgian expert meeting in Antwerp.

Main learnings were that best in class inventory management, requires following elements :

  • A structured process fit to your business requirements and risks to cover
  • Proper tooling for analytics and review
  • A differentiated approach with clear target settings on service levels and forecast accuracy
  • An end-to-end supply chain view
  • Buy-in from business owners throughout the company

During the event EyeOn introduced the inventory quick scan. This free of charge, online, tool provides low effort insights on potential inventory savings, your safety stocks settings, stock differentiation and your inventory health.

Do you want to know more? Explore our inventory page or feel free to contact us!


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