Looking back at a successful 2021 for EyeOn Ireland

An employee story by Álvaro Tudanca


Before jumping straight into 2022, I’ve found great value reflecting on the year just passed. Being able to look back from a new year allows you to get a perspective you cannot get in the moment.

For me, 2021 was a particularly challenging and exciting year. In 2021 I took the opportunity of becoming the EyeOn Ireland country lead. This meant setting up the foundations to allow EyeOn to be closer to Irish customers, finding new companies where we can make a difference and recruiting a team that will fuel future growth.

Looking back, I feel proud of what we have accomplished. I am very fortunate for having the talent of Niamh O’Malley, Ben Garrett and Laura O’Mahony joining the Irish team. During 2021, EyeOn expanded its presence with existing Irish customers, but also grew upon engagement with new companies. All this could not have been possible without the mentorship and support of Loek Lemmens, Emile van Geel and Jean-david Risson for which I am very grateful.

Álvaro Tudanca, country lead IrelandIf you think about your 2021, what are you proud of? To whom would you express gratitude? I encourage you to spend some time reflecting and thank the people that helped you get where you are now. I hope this encourages a positive outlook and drive for 2022!

Álvaro Tudanca, senior business consultant & country lead Ireland

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