LogiPharma 2018: Use future innovative applications today

EyeOn participated at LogiPharma, the supply chain conference for leading pharmaceutical companies. More than 800 participants attended this event held at the Montreux Music & Convention Centre in Montreux, Switzerland, on 10-12 April 2018.

EyeOn’s masterclass: 50 minutes of supply chain inspiration and insights

During the afternoon networking break Loek Lemmens and Bram Bongaerts, both gave inspirational presentations on ‘How to use the power of predictive analytics for pharma supply chain intelligence’.

During this masterclass, the supply chain challenges today’s pharmaceutical leaders face were addressed. For instance: how can you get more out of data? How can you create and improve analytically-driven supply chains? The latest data-driven developments impacting or driving pharmaceutical supply chain performance were discussed, as well as practical new supply chain and data-driven approaches. It was all about practical approaches companies can implement today.

Analysing supply chain data with powerful algorithms

Big data provides the pharma industry with greater data accuracy and insights, and thus more contextual intelligence. But, we are living in a disruptive and difficult world, to keep up with. When faced with changing and disruptive developments, one practical approach or solution which can be used today, is the analysis of existing data with advanced algorithms. A method which yields better results than current or traditional approaches.

This is just one of the various innovative approaches to those challenges which were touched upon. Pharma supply chain leaders can use these innovative and forward-looking tips today. All participants were enthusiastic about the session.

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