LogiChem 2018: Mapping out IBP using EyeOn’s APS compass

Wouldn’t it be great to have a compass, one that assists you in designing the right supply planning processes when implementing an APS tool? EyeOn’s own APS compass bridges the gap between business and IT during design and implementation. This compass helps companies to organize and optimize results during and after the go-live.

LogiChem is an event where directors and vice presidents of supply chain and logistics from the world’s leading chemicals manufacturers come together to maintain and boost commercial and supply chain excellence. During LogiChem in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 20-22 2018, EyeOn hosted an invitation-only lunch for chemical supply chain professionals.

EyeOn lunch: eye-opener on best practices IBP and APS
During this lunch, EyeOn experts, Ieke le Blanc, Stijn Rutjes and Eelco Franckaert, all demonstrated how the APS compass can improve planning systems. Unfortunately, short-term issues have a substantial impact on integrated business planning (IBP) processes whereas the focus should be on supply and demand balancing for a longer period. The three speakers demonstrated how to build a good foundation for short- to mid-term supply planning cycles. Other topics discussed were, how to properly translate IBP decisions into operations, and how to benefit the most from available APS tools. EyeOn also shared some best practices from chemical industry cases.

Your navigator: EyeOn’s APS compass
EyeOn’s APS compass handles 8 key points. These are important when setting up solid supply planning processes, and should be taken into consideration first before choosing (APS) tools:

According to participants, the presentations were an eye-opener 😉 These practical, refreshing and inspiring presentations were greeted with great enthusiasm.


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