Life science pre-event of the Planning Inspiration Day

Last week, 12 different leading companies gathered during the life science pre-event of the Planning Inspiration Day. Latest insights on value stream management and inventory planning within the life science industry were the main topics during the afternoon and evening program.

The afternoon started with a session on how lean value stream management and supply chain management could be seen as complimentary disciplines instead of 2 different worlds. A first step towards an integral approach could be taken by looking at SCM as a discipline trying to optimize the chain with fixed parameters while lean is trying to optimize the parameters.

We continued with a real-life inventory optimization business case, presented by an EyeOn colleague who was part of the project. Key takeaway: A step-by-step data driven approach enables transparent and accepted inventory optimization in networked supply chains.

Final agenda topic was an introduction to the EyeOn inventory benchmark. After an explanation of the concept, initial benchmark results were shared. The EyeOn inventory Benchmark allows you to compare your integral inventory management process and performance against industry peers.

Want to participate in the life science inventory benchmark? Don’t hesitate to contact us via phone: +31 (0)88-8830000 or email:

Slide decks of the pre-event can be viewed here: PID Life Science pre event 4th of October 2017.


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