Let’s tackle the supply chain challenges of 2022!

The disruptions of the last two years have drawn the world’s attention to supply chains. Companies all over the world have become aware of the crucial role of supply chain management. Despite turbulences, we are looking optimistically into 2022. Because all these challenges bring also a lot of opportunities.

This is the time to build resilient, agile, and sustainable supply chains, maximizing the benefits of the digitalization and advanced analytics.  

Our experts have identified five key trends for 2022.

Turn challenges into opportunities by clicking through our 5 key trends:

Supply chains face labor shortages and a war on talent
Develop your planning team and attract talent!
Markets remain volatile and demand uncertain
Focus on scenarios in planning!
Data is everywhere in a digital and connected world
Exploit data using advanced analytics!
Current supply chain set-ups are not future proof
Rethink for resilience and sustainability!
Digitalization brings new possibilities
Accelerate the

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