Invest in advanced techniques and tooling

… but don’t underestimate the behavioral aspects in demand planning!

We are looking back at a day full of inspiring discussions with supply chain experts in Breda, the Netherlands. May 12, 2022, EyeOn hosted a live networking event around the topic ‘smart-touch planning in demand management & forecasting’.

event, presentation, networking, discussionEyeOn’s Dan Roozemond started by explaining how to automate the obvious, recommend the probable, and flag where human intervention is required. Learn more about the EyeOn smart-touch planning framework!

After that, Sven van Baarsel, project lead at Pietercil, presented a customer case on the transformation they made as a company by harmonizing processes, tools, data, and people on planning in order to realize profitable growth.

We started the afternoon with breakout sessions on techniques such a driver-based forecasting, cognitive forecasting insights, and solutions such as Planning Services and Board.

We ended the day with an interactive session on the ever changing role of the demand planner. Erik de Vos from EyeOn presented a framework including 38 tactics how to be effective as a demand planner.

By exchanging experiences and sharing best practices on forecasting and planning topics between peers, every company benefits from the learnings. Join our upcoming events!

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