No-touch planning; fact or fiction?

Change is the only constant. How we react to these changes sets the leaders apart! Things of which we thought were impossible, are coming into our day-to-day life. Only a decade ago the belief was held that self-driving cars, automated speech recognition, instantaneous translation and advanced robots were the domain of Hollywood movies. Reality has proven different!

What about no-touch planning? Is this fiction or is it approaching us at high speed?

During the International Planning Inspiration Day 2019 over 300 participants from leading companies, universities, and application vendors will meet and share latest trends and developments in forecasting and planning. Join this event and judge yourself at the end of the day, based on real cases and projects, to what extend automation will be driving your planning processes.

The program of the biggest forecasting and planning event in Europe will include over 30 presentations and workshops, from visionary expert views, to practical cases of projects recently executed by leading companies. We offer a unique opportunity to meet over 300 experts in the field.

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