Industry leaders discuss forecasting and planning challenges in the digital era

Last week EyeOn hosted the Planning and Inspiration Days, where we connected with business and thought leaders across Europe and discussed forecasting and planning challenges in the digital era.

We were happy to meet attendees from more than 50 multinationals live in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Ireland and virtually in the Netherlands. A big thank you to our guest speakers from Henkel Laundry & Home Care: Ariane Longpré, Director Planning/IBP Program Lead and Jorden Rasquin, Head of International Planning Steering, and Filip Buytaert, Global IBP & Supply Chain Director at AkzoNobel!

E2E supply chain transformation
Since Covid-19 and the incident at the Suez Canal it has become clear that companies need to transform their E2E value chain and build robust & connected digital processes. Key take away from the discussions was that having a good understanding of the strategy and the impact of the supply chain model is essential. This might very well require a differentiated approach. It is crucial to take your organization along in defining the supply chain model that connects well to your strategy. Don’t wait for an ‘ideal moment of readiness’. Start now!
We have more content on transforming your E2E supply chain coming in December – stay tuned!
In the meantime you can read more here!

A key step to enable agility and drive business performance is transforming your sales & operations planning (S&OP) to integrated business planning (IBP).
1. Position IBP as a cross-functional business process to drive growth
2. Be creative in finding the way in; tune in to business context, tune it to your strategy
3. Think big, start small, scale fast
Learn more about IBP here!

Fast planning
Which keywords do supply chain leaders expect to be important for the supply chain 2030? Digitization and agility/flexibility play a big role. As part of their transformation journey, companies are challenged to integrate new technologies and implement fast. Flexible solutions like Anaplan or Jedox connect data, people and plans in a solution that does not require coding and can be implemented quickly.

About half of Planning Inspiration Days attendees are not using machine learning or artificial intelligence yet, 50% are making first steps in forecasting and demand planning.

Data Science

Data is all around us. The amount of information in the world is growing exponentially, and it becomes outdated much more rapidly than it did before. Our brains are not built to effectively deal with such large volumes of information. Latency is becoming an ever bigger issue in decision making: When an event occurs, we need to prepare data for analysis and deliver it to the right stakeholder, so they can decide which action to take. Every minute lost in this process reduces the impact of the eventual decision.
Data and the role of data science within the supply chain are differentiators. Think beyond traditional planning systems and dare to invest in ‘systems of innovation’ to utilize the power of data and enhance existing planning systems. At EyeOn we see the future in smart-touch planning: With better technology we enable you to take faster decisions, thereby increasing the impact.

How does it work? Smart-touch planning automates obvious decisions, it makes recommendations where additional information is available, and flags special cases where human intervention is necessary.
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