How to prevent waste with better planning decisions

October 13th, EyeOn joined an online session hosted by Stichting Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling. EyeOn is aiming to realize high-impact improvements for a better sustainable future. André Vriens, as a stakeholder of the foundation, was happy to give a short pitch on how we can help companies to become more sustainable and prevent food waste. The online session was recorded and can be viewed here. It is in Dutch. André speaks at 18m26s and 25m00s:

You can also listen to it via this podcast.

EyeOn supports companies to prevent waste by getting value out of data and provide actionable insights; connect different departments within your company or even partners within the total value chain and improve collaboration with the end goal to prevent food waste. We also support manufacturers and retail companies to set optimized production and replenishment parameters that result in both food waste reduction and improved on-shelf performance.

Want to know how we can help your company?
We just launched the ‘waste prevention benchmark’ aimed for fresh food manufacturers and retail companies. Participation is free!

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