From university to EyeOn

An employee story by Ciro Mayén

My European adventure began in 2018, when I started my master’s degree at RWTH Aachen University. A welcoming, charming and ‘small’ town compared to what I was used to. Two years flew by, with amazing experiences, great learnings, and even better relationships. Nevertheless, a lot of questions came to me living through a pandemic, away from home, and with no certainty of how this adventure would unfold.

Now I can say that the last 6 months have been a blast! Meeting and learning from great, inspiring, and smart people is one of my drivers. And EyeOn is definitely one of the enablers and keeps raising the bar. There is a great balance between challenges with our leading customers and projects, and the level of expertise and team work that nourishes my path as a consultant, along with bringing great results!

Ciro Mayen, University Aachen, Germany, business consultantThis week I will be back in Aachen, where I hope to somewhat transmit to the students and industry peers what working at EyeOn feels like and to share experiences from my latest projects. One of them being sustainable supply chains, whose positive outcomes not only generate growth, but permeate through our entire society.

Ciro Mayén, business consultant

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