On-demand webinar: Fully leverage your data with driver-based forecasting!

How to use data to taste the future of forecasting

Today’s increasingly volatile market requires dynamic and accurate forecasting, but good demand planners are hard to find, and even harder to keep! Planners are rethinking what meaningful work looks like for them – and wading through thousands of line items each forecast cycle to produce reliable forecast numbers, often does not fit that bill. Machine learning can help.

There is an abundance of data available today, but the sheer volume of it makes for days of processing effort, or in practice, just accepting that a lot of your data is under-utilized, especially in forecasting. But what if you could truly leverage the predictive value of your data to generate high-quality forecasting outcomes quickly? What if your planners could instead spend their time focusing on enriching only a limited number of forecast exceptions while closely collaborating with business?

In this webinar we show how machine learning can use the relevant demand drivers for your business and learn from their historical data to enhance the predictive power of your forecast. Creating a value-adding machine learning model is challenging, but we explain how our approach to get started instantly using Planning Services gradually builds up your forecasting capabilities. We share real-life cases on how our approach has proven to be successful in practice.

Below is a snippet from the webinar. Watch the complete on-demand webinar here!


Watch the complete on-demand webinar!



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