EyeOn sustainability week 2021

On Tuesday September 7th we joined the kick-off of the ‘Verspillingsvrije Week’ organized by Stichting Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling.  And we also had an internal discussion on embracing sustainability at EyeOn.

Wednesday Julie Goossens, Damien Jaton, and Enrique De La Fuente hosted a webinar where they presented a customer case on preventing excess stock and obsolescence.

In another webinar on Friday Willem Gerbecks and André Vriens showed how food waste reduction and improving on-shelf performance can go hand-in-hand. After the webinar we launched a ‘Waste prevention benchmark’. Participation is easy and for free, just click this link.

To close off the week, our employees did their best to prepare a vegetarian meal with the least amount of waste. We must say, quite successfully. Here some pictures with the results!

Photos of food


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