EyeOn marine and offshore shipbuilding round table

On May 24th, EyeOn hosted a planning networking event for shipbuilding companies at Croy Castle in the Netherlands.

More than nine well-known companies from the Dutch shipbuilding industry were engaged in the discussion around capacity and resource planning, and KPI’s, and dashboarding.

EyeOn presented their view on the current planning topics in a time of growing order books. Besides project planning at order level, the bigger planning framework with tactical multi-project planning and project based sales and operations planning were discussed to monitor the adherence to strategic goals.

Consultant Sander Hulsen conducted the participants into the subject of capacity and resource planning. Central topic here is to keep control over your engineering, operations and yard resources while having multiple projects running, in order to improve delivery reliability. Discussions amongst participants related to the different decisions to be taken, in applying capacity planning in the mid and long term, and resource planning in the short term.

Based on his experience, rapid application consultant Bram Kurstjens elaborated on the use and requirements of KPI’s in general and planning KPI’s in particular. For creating consensus about and having a meaningful set of KPI’s one should have access to a common and consistent data set, the single source of truth.

Key in creating a dashboard are the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ to report the KPI’s. To come to an effective dashboard the visualized KPI’s should be complemented with clarifying comments and corrective or mitigative actions.

The feedback from the group of participants indicated that the knowledge sharing and networking were perceived as being very valuable.

This spring, at March 15th EyeOn also initiated the knowledge network for shipbuilding industry suppliers. The first-tier suppliers for the shipbuilding industry confirmed the increasing pressure on adequate planning to serve their customers with timely deliveries and good communication.

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