EyeOn idea lab about spare parts management

On March 16 EyeOn organized the 8th idea lab about spare parts management. Océ invited the network to visit their facilities in Venlo, the Netherlands. Spare parts experts from AGCO corp., Ericsson, Eneco, FujiFilm, Getinge Group, Gibson Innovations, Hyster-Yale, KLM, PACCAR Parts and ThermoFisher (FEI) were present.

Founded in 1877, Océ is a global leader in digital imaging, industrial printing and collaborative business services. Océ’s mission is to accelerate new digital print technologies and transform them into local printing products and services for blue-chip multinationals around the globe and creative studios around the corner.

Océ presented what challenges they face in keeping a high service level around the world and how they tackle these challenges. Ensuring a high up-time at limited costs for all customers, often years after the product has rolled from the production line, is something the spare parts department at Océ excels at. Planning the end-of-life of components remains a challenging topic in spare parts, which is acknowledged by the whole network.

The latest generation of machines is equipped with all sorts of sensors to measure the status of the machine and its components. The sensors create a vast amount of data from which the team tries to extract all relevant information. There is a clear roadmap to predictive maintenance where all sensor data, combined with big data analytics, is turned into insights to improve the uptime, better plan downtime and decrease total cost of ownership.

The data science and solutions team of EyeOn can help customers with their data strategy, finding the right insights, performing big data analytics and ultimately managing spare parts better.

For more info about spare parts management and/ or the EyeOn idea labs, contact Emile van Geel (emile.vangeel@eyeon.nl).

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