EyeOn America: we’re here!

EyeOn has come to America, New York specifically. Why? Because supply chains are being disrupted like never before and we have solutions to get yours securely years ahead.

We have a data-driven approach, tested solutions, and trusted expertise to offer after over 20 years optimizing supply chains from our global HQ in the Netherlands. With offices today in Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and Germany, it’s now time to come to the US.

Jean-david Risson, country manager US
Jean-David Risson, country manager US

“Building resilient, agile, and sustainable supply chains that can power through disruption and deliver enterprise value…that’s our raison d’être,” says Jean-David Risson who leads our New York office.

Now, EyeOn is bringing this capability, refined and sharpened in Europe, to the US. And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

With EyeOn’s imaginative experts and data-driven approach, managing partner Loek Lemmens is confident that EyeOn can deliver real competitive advantage to companies across North America.

Whether undertaking an end-to-end transformation or targeted fixes in supply chains, EyeOn has a record of achievement that can stand by itself. We’ve unlocked value and optimized outcomes for over 100 multinational companies since our founding in 1999.

“This European experience and perspective is a distinctive strength we offer to clients,” explains Bram Bongaerts, one of EyeOn’s most senior life science experts.

EyeOn Incorporation, New York, USA
Fusing American optimism and ingenuity with the tried-and-true solutions we’ve developed in Europe

“But make no mistake,” he says, “EyeOn in New York will be a truly trans-Atlantic operation, fusing American optimism and ingenuity with the tried-and-true solutions we’ve developed in Europe that EyeOn clients trust and rely on during their most difficult moments. Always with an eye on impact, impact, impact,” Bongaerts says for emphasis.

Ready to get our eye on your business? Our forecasting and planning specialists will get yours years ahead. We support companies in the life sciences, consumer products, process, high-tech, marine and offshore industries. Now LIVE from New York.

Contact Jean-DavidRisson to get started. Interested in joining our New York team? We’re hiring!

Download the press release here.

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