Expert workshop “No-touch planning: the new reality?” on Marcus Evans conference

On March 13th, EyeOn hosted an expert workshop on “No-touch planning: the new reality?” prior to the Marcus Evans conference on ‘Advancing S&OP to integrated business planning’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Technology has greatly improved availability of data. This data hold the potential of better, faster, and more efficient decision making. Turning the available data into better insights for decision making is not straightforward and requires a completely different mindset and capabilities than continuous improvements within a more traditional planning process and toolkit.

Moving towards no-touch planning requires actions in different fields. In the workshop we elaborated on the different building blocks and preconditions to grab the benefits, such as connected processes, a data driven culture, and the excellence of data.

Key insights from the workshop:

  • No-touch planning is expected to become reality in 2-5 years from now
  • Most relevant building blocks to grab the benefits of no-touch planning:
    • build the analytics organization
    • understand humans and adapt apps
    • develop fact based collaboration and communication
  • Main challenges to make it happen:
    • change management
    • company culture
    • innovation budget

Find below a selection of the slides from the session. If you would like to learn more please contact Joost Rongen or Marco van Alfen!

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