Execution vs planning: 2nd round table for integrated business management

The 1st round table on integrated business management 2016 brought much food for thought and valuable ideas for further discussion. Together with participants from ASML, Philips, Bavaria, Logitech, NXP, Neways, Pepsico, Canon and Fujifilm we concluded this should be a recurring event that should be open for new participants too. Perfectly in line with the objective we all have to learn from peers within and outside one’s own industry. January 2017 EyeOn followed up on this and hosted the 2nd round table integrated business management at Croy Castle in the Netherlands.

Marco van Alfen kicked off the event by briefly explaining the main elements of each of the five pillars of integrated business management to the new participants of this event, after which he set the framework of today: S&OP vs S&OE.

Guest speaker Sjef Jongen, Director Customer Supply Chain at Logitech took the floor for the main presentation, starting point for the round table discussion. We learned how Logitech redesigned its demand and supply planning set up to distinguish between short term execution and long term planning, or S&OE vs S&OP. Sjef shared what they learnt regarding people, process, and tools. Especially the lists of what went well vs what went not so well provided plenty of fuel for discussions.

This round table is a recurring event with the ambition to each time take a deep dive in one particular integrated business management topic. A focused discussion around the topic being presented from the organization’s perspective of one of the participants. This way we learn most from peers. We welcome also life science and process companies to the table to further encourage cross-industry learning.

Interested to join the integrated business management round table? Please contact EyeOn at mail@eyeon.nl or contact directly marco.vanalfen@eyeon.nl


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