E2E transformation with EyeOn

An employee story by Bart Paridaen

After a few years of work experience in the industry, I joined EyeOn in 2010 with the ambition to grow my skills and capabilities in different areas (functional knowledge, project management, analytical skills). Over the years, I have grown and developed myself in big steps, while at the same time EyeOn has grown from a relatively small mainly Dutch company to an international company with more than 100 employees. A lot of parallels in terms of development growth.

Bart Paridaen, meeting, E2E transformationI started in my first years as a junior consultant working for different clients in a mix of project based and interim planning assignments. Over the years, I have developed to become a senior lead consultant in the life science team, actively contributing to business development, being an internal coach, and lead of the end-to-end (E2E) transformation strategic initiative. A bit of everything, exactly the way I like it. A different challenge every day.

Specifically in my new role as E2E transformation lead I really appreciate the opportunity to build something new within the company. As part of the E2E transformation, we serve companies that are undergoing a transformational change and as such are changing their planning organization, processes, planning tools, and data setup and governance. Our drive is to help customers with tangible and lasting implementations. On a personal level, I apply within the role of E2E transformation lead a lot of what I have learned over the years to further shape our product offering, marketing strategy, and internal team and capability level. Working on this challenge together with our internal team and creating new opportunities has really given me a new energy boost.

Let’s transform together! We’re looking for an experienced master data consultant to strengthen our team.

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