Combining consultancy with data science

Jeroen Vermeulen shares his experience working as a consultant at EyeOn Planning Services.

Working as a Planning Services consultant at EyeOn is a pleasure and there is a family-like atmosphere. I started in November 2020 at EyeOn during the Covid-19 period but I still experienced the family feeling of this company. There is an open culture and everyone within EyeOn and Planning Services will help you with all the questions you have. We have a lot of fun with the colleagues. Online activities were arranged such as a cooking class and a cocktail workshop. Luckily, some offline activities could be arranged during the summer, we even went stand-up paddling.

I studied operations management and logistics at the TU/e in Eindhoven and this study fits perfectly with the tasks I perform at EyeOn. I am running a monthly service for AkzoNobel for the business unit Marine Protective Yacht. For this service we work with people from all over the world which makes this even more fun. This service includes generating a data driven demand prediction with the latest data by means of Honeycomb: our platform for forecasting, inventory optimization, and scenario analysis. We apply statistical and more advanced forecasting techniques to generate a forecast. With the help of visualizations we make it clear and understandable for the customer what the performance of the forecast is and where to add value when enriching the forecast in the Jedox tool.

Within EyeOn we also develop our own data science plugins. Recently I have joined the DevOps team responsible for the development of these plugins. Besides the consulting tasks, I like programming and I want to further improve my programming skills. By joining this team I learned, even in this short period, already so much how to code in an efficient and generic way. Some datasets have more than 100 million rows and these plugins should therefore be as efficient as possible to keep the computation time per row as low as possible.

If you want to know more about my job and experience at Planning Services, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I am eager to answer all your questions.

Jeroen Vermeulen, consultant Planning Services

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