Challenging and fun career start at EyeOn

An employee story by Rick van Kasteren

Going from student life to full time job is a big step for everyone. However, it didn’t feel like that for me. Immediately when I started at EyeOn it felt like the right decision. I started in November 2021 as a data scientist at the Planning Services team and so far it has been a pleasure. EyeOn offers me challenging work and allows me to independently tackle complicated problems.

Besides working on your daily tasks, your personal growth and career development are of great importance at EyeOn. Together with a coach, you specify goals for yourself to grow and to learn. The company offers time to work on these goals, this way you can independently shape your skill set and reach your potential.

At EyeOn there is a real family-like atmosphere. I work with a lot of smart and fun people who are always open to help you with any question that you may have. They are all very talented in the work they do, however, if you ask me, they are less talented at the soccer table during breaks 😉 The combination of this fun and helpful mindset in the company and the independence that is offered results in an ideal working environment.

I studied business analytics and operations research at Tilburg University and I am glad to say that this study fits the job perfectly. Every student asks themselves while studying pages of theory: “am I really going to use this material in my career?” Every day I use the knowledge that I gained from my studies.

Besides this, EyeOn is constantly striving to be the best in the business which means that new and advanced methods should be investigated. Innovation is key, this is also an aspect where the academic knowledge comes into play.

During my first few months I was heavily involved in two customer projects. I ran a fast forecasting scan for a soda company and a forecast assessment for a company in the process industry. In a fast scan we show the level of forecasting accuracy we can obtain using a couple years of the customers data and we compare it with their current manual forecast. The forecast assessment is similar but more advanced, we dive deeper into the data to increase forecast accuracy and search for underlying connections.

Rick van KasterenBesides customer projects, I have helped standardizing our visualization platforms and recently I have been involved in our development team. Within EyeOn we have our own data science plugins. The development team is responsible that these plugins work correctly and efficiently. I want to further grow my programming skills and working on development makes me do that in a practical manner.

If you have any follow-up questions regarding my job as a data scientist at EyeOn, feel free to reach out!

Rick van Kasteren, data scientist

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