Challenges, fun, freedom, and variety

An employee story by Roos Herrings

Challenges, fun, freedom, and variety! That is what you get when you start working at EyeOn.

Last February, I started working at EyeOn as data scientist in the Planning Services team. Since I was still finishing my masters in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, I got the option to work the first month part-time. This was a perfect way to become familiar with the company and start working on small projects. From the start, I immediately felt welcome. And now it feels like I have been working here for a long time, when in reality it has only been 4 months. One of the key reasons for this is that EyeOn has a family-like atmosphere. I work with the most intelligent and ambitious people while at the same time the work is also challenging and fun. Even though the step from the student life to the working life was quite big, EyeOn made this step feel smaller.

Roos and Alex and LogiChemBesides the great colleagues and the table soccer games, what I like about my job is working with a large puzzle of data and trying to solve this puzzle in the best interest for each customer. Furthermore, what I especially like about EyeOn is that I do not have to be a data scientist all the time. Even though I like keeping myself busy with for example programming and dashboarding, I am happy that can explore other aspects of the company as well. This varies from organizing recruitment activities, helping with the setup for the LogiChem event, to helping with the onboarding of the newbies.

While working on your daily tasks is important in every company, personal development is of particular importance within EyeOn. Together with your coach, you specify your learning goals, sign up for different trainings, and make sure that you get the best out of yourself, both in your work life and personal life. Within EyeOn you have a lot of freedom and this ranges from working anywhere at any time, to setting your own growth journey for the upcoming years.

Starting working at EyeOn after my studies has been the right decision. If you have any questions regarding my job as a data scientist at EyeOn, feel free to reach out. And if you got excited, check out our vacancies! 

Roos Herrings, data scientist at EyeOn Planning Services


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