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An employee story by Natalia Adema

Natalia at Croy castleI knew about EyeOn for at least 8 years before I joined. The company looked like a perfect match for me from a professional perspective, as I’m passionate about supply chain planning and data science, and for my personal development. EyeOn has a no-nonsense working culture with a flat hierarchy. They care about healthy work-life balance and value employees’ long-term potential through the customized coaching program that enables their personal development plan with internal mentors and a psychologist. And as a cherry on the cake, the headquarters of EyeOn is located in an authentic medieval castle, Croy, just 30 min bike ride from my house.

There was one big ‘But’ in this perfect story though – EyeOn was a business consulting company, and they did not need a business development professional like me. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I heard early this year that EyeOn was expanding its products/services focus and was looking for a business development & sales lead for Planning Services. Planning Services is a part of EyeOn that provides recurring outsourced services focused on high-quality forecasting, inventory optimization, and actionable end-to-end supply chain insights.

Natalia presenting at Planning Services team dayI applied immediately, successfully completed the application process, and could finally join my dream company in May’22. My expectations were fully met: after a smooth and exciting onboarding, I am working on growing the pipeline for Planning Services to bring more value to our customers. I’m also looking for more business development professionals, so if you are interested in joining us, please ping me and, who knows, maybe my dream company will be yours as well soon.

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Natalia Adema, business development & sales lead for Planning Services

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