Anaplan, Tableau, and EyeOn Event ‘Planning and analytics visualized’

October 12, EyeOn hosted its first combined seminar with two software partners, Anaplan and Tableau. After an introduction of Anaplan and Tableau, EyeOn presented the connection between agile planning and forecasting (Anaplan), and advanced analytics and visualisation (Tableau). Based on three use cases (portfolio analysis, NPI, and analytics) the possibilities of the two platforms and the powerful connection were shown. Anaplan and Tableau are an excellent combination when you want to be in control of the planning, forecasting, and analytics process.

The attendees asked great questions, making it a very interactive discussion. After the seminar, the attendees joined for a drink to discuss the possibilities for their organisation. Interested in this seminar to see the connection between the two platforms? Feel free to contact us or check our event calendar for more!


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