Celebrating success: EyeOn receives Anaplan Solution Advisory & Delivery badge in the new Accelerate Program

Join us in celebrating a new milestone in the collaboration between Anaplan and EyeOn. As a pioneering Anaplan partner in Europe since 2011, we’ve been at the forefront of empowering organizations with the transformative Anaplan platform. Today, we proudly unveil our latest achievement: the prestigious Anaplan Solution Advisory & Delivery badge. This recognition underscores our 12-year commitment to providing tailored guidance for seamlessly integrating Anaplan into our clients’ planning processes. 

Anaplan is a leading provider of enterprise cloud software, empowering organizations across industries to see, plan, and lead better business outcomes. For supply chain management, the Anaplan platform enables supply chain professionals to see clearly, plan confidently, and lead decisively across their organization with the power of their Connected Planning platform.


Anaplan Partner Program Solution Advisory & Delivery badge

The new Anaplan Partner Accelerate Program

Anaplan recently introduced the Anaplan Partner Accelerate Program, a revamped supplier initiative designed to acknowledge a supplier’s level of Anaplan support and industry-specific expertise. This innovative program incorporates an audit of each supplier, evaluating the industries they serve, and the extent of Anaplan support they can offer. Partners can receive badges for either delivery, signifying expertise in implementing Anaplan effectively for clients, or advisory, indicating proficiency in providing Anaplan consulting services. 

Dual badges for industry-specific expertise

In August of last year, we underwent an audit conducted by an external auditor. This comprehensive evaluation covered our methodologies, industry approach, and adherence to best practices. Through the presentation of real-life use cases showcasing our successful implementation and advisory services across various industries, we affirmed the quality of our work as an Anaplan partner. 

The auditor, based on the evidence presented, rewarded us with both the delivery and advisory badges, with a specific emphasis on the consumer products and manufacturing industries. The auditor’s conclusion highlighted our profound understanding of industry needs and our capability to provide tailored solutions for each sector.


EyeOn Anaplan certified specialists
EyeOn’s Anaplan accredited specialists

EyeOn and Anaplan: what’s next? 

At EyeOn, we are delighted to have received this new badge, as it serves as tangible evidence of EyeOn’s status as a reliable Anaplan partner capable of effectively assisting companies in optimizing their planning processes with Anaplan. While we have already supported numerous clients in Anaplan implementations, our future objective is to support even more companies with their unique planning challenges and help them transition to an advanced planning tool that accelerates their journey towards supply chain excellence.

Anaplan partner program quote

Many companies continu
e to grapple with end-to-end visibility, resulting in a lack of data quality essential for informed decision-making. Anaplan proves to be a powerful tool, facilitating easy access to accurate data in a timely manner, ultimately reducing manual efforts and enhancing overall supply chain visibility.

Ready to boost your planning performance?

If you are embarking on an Advanced Planning System (APS) transformation journey and seek an objective assessment of your organization’s readiness, EyeOn is here to help. Our team of Anaplan specialists possesses the expertise, experience, and hands-on mentality to design and operationalize your planning system, ultimately boosting its performance.  

Get directly in touch with our Anaplan Lead Bram Kurstjens to discuss your specific challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth. Or request a personalized Anaplan demo and we will get in touch with you shortly to plan a meeting. 

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