Pioneers in sustainability: Africa is the big challenge, we will have to invest there

Pioneers in sustainability

In our final publication part of our series ‘Pioneers in sustainability’ we spoke with Theo Kocken, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Cardano Development Foundation, a foundation aiming to achieve stable income for households, businesses, and governments in low- and middle-income countries through developing innovative solutions in the field of financial risk management. Cardano Development is facilitating the largest collaboration platform for development banks worldwide for financial transactions.

“Africa is growing from 1.2 to 4 billion people. But there is remarkably little money flowing to those countries. Together with local people, we look at what is needed. And solutions must always be scalable so that other countries can also benefit from them” according to Kocken. In this interview, Kocken shares his unique perspective on global sustainability issues and the best solutions.

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