A career switch with Planning Services

An employee story by Luuk van der Vorst

Luuk van der VorstMaking a career switch isn’t always an easy decision. But when EyeOn Planning Services reached out there immediately was this ‘click’. During the interview process EyeOn came across as a company with ambitious growth goals. You get a lot of freedom to create your own way of working while working with a mix of young but also experienced professionals to resolve challenging supply-chain challenges for large multinational companies.

Fast-forward to a little over six months later.. I can really say that I am enjoying myself and for sure do not regret the decision to make ‘the switch’. In February I joined EyeOn Planning Services as delivery lead. Together with a team of service owners we deliver forecasting, inventory, and end-to-end insights solutions as a service. My roles and responsibilities are very broad, e.g. managing new service builds, contract management, service reporting. But if you ask me, the most important aspect is building a relationship with our customers to strengthen and keep realizing service improvements over time and making sure that the service owners have fun doing so!

Some more reflecting on this past period I can say these are some of the highlights:

  • In this short amount of time, I already have been in contact with fourteen different globally oriented multinationals.
  • Interacting with a team of multiple service owners and experienced industry experts to service this clientele.
  • Responsible for two new service builds.
  • Realizing one successful service transfer, where EyeOn helped a customer through various coaching sessions to build the data science capabilities themselves to run a monthly statistical forecast.
  • Joined the EyeOn inspiration days in Cologne, where EyeOn came together to share inspiration and best practices and most of all to have fun and bond with all colleagues.
  • Performing the first ever Planning Services customer survey and achieving a customer satisfaction of 8.3!

If you would like to know more about my journey so far, feel free to reach out.
Interested in joining EyeOn? We are hiring – check out our career page!

Luuk van der Vorst, delivery lead at EyeOn Planning Services

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