Webinar: E2E supply chain visibility – from shopper to factory

Thursday October 11, 2018, Willem Gerbecks and Jan Veerman from EyeOn hosted the webinar ‘E2E supply chain visibility: from shopper to factory’. This was the 3rd event in line, after a seminar in Eindhoven (IGLUU) and a previously held webinar.

In the webinar, we presented a end-to-end supply chain demo showing the positive effects were of full transparency between all stakeholders involved. By using Tableau any availability issues on all levels (shop, DC, manufacturer) can easily be analyzed. Actions to adjust supply chain parameters or agreements with suppliers (e.g. volume contracts) can be performed in Anaplan, showing an immediate update and effect in Tableau. Anaplan also covered among others the scenario of introducing a new product, showing the effect and availability based on the parameters set on all levels in the supply chain.

This demo, based on a real-life case, showed that technology is an enabler to increase the transparency in the supply chain and increase the trust between all organizations involved. Resulting in lower inventory levels across the supply chain and increased on-shelf availability, creating a win-win situation for all.

Interested? Please contact Willem Gerbecks for more details!

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