Webinar ‘Accelerate the digital transformation – Introduction’

Over the last years, supply chains have become more complex as companies have developed more global supply chains with more dependencies. In addition, the leading companies grew by acquisition which resulted in more complexity and a need for end-to-end visibility whereas often systems and processes are not integrated well. Due to this lack of integration considerable investments need to be made to enable and accelerate the digital transformation.  

New technologies offer the opportunity to accomplish a more data driven supply chain. This made companies rethink their business planning processes. In this webinar we shared our vision on how to embark on the digital transformation journey and how to take the momentum of the Covid situation to take action.  

This webinar is part of the ‘Accelerate the digital transformation’ webinar series in which we touch upon the different building blocks of end-to-end supply chain transformation, with a webinar on the EyeOn approach regarding this topic, the next-generation IBP, and tool selection.  Also we will review a number of the current APS solutions on the market. Check out our upcoming events.


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